Serenity and Tito loved attending and competing at anime, video games and comic book conventions. They realized there were many geeks and nerds in the area and even outside of those groups who loved Serenity’s different style. It gave them the idea to bring a bit of what these conventions have offer to a more local environment. After a couple of months of planning, "Serenity's Chibi-Con Cosplay Nights" debuted at the "Platinum Pony" in Easthampton, MA. The event was a complete success and the number of patrons grew each show. Every month had a different theme and consisted of Serenity, her drag daughter Tytannia Lockhart, Erynn Rocabich and 2-3 different guests each month. Unfortunately, a few days after our September, 2015 event, there was a fire at the Platinum Pony and they had to postpone future events.


Despite the fire, Tito and Serenity organized a few of the performers and came up with a new show, "ChibiCon: The Traveling Cosplay Show". They would travel to different venues and perform their shows for folks, not just in the Western Massachusetts area, but all over New England and New York. They debuted their first theme "Super Heroes" in January of 2016. So far they have received positive feedback and reviews. Although ChibiCon is mostly a drag show, they perform for both LGBTQ+ and non LGBTQ+ venues and events. Since then, they have performed for several different venues and colleges and aim to make a name for themselves in the Convention community.