Character in Photo: Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Serenity Lockhart

Make-Up Coordinator

Serenity draws a lot of inspiration from anime, video games and comics. She has no drag mother thus making everything she knows 100% self-taught. Her make-up skills and special effects are extraordinary. She likes to do looks that are out of the ordinary. Serenity has competed at many drag competitions, winning lots of them. In 2013 she was crowned the first Ms. Northampton Divas. She has a big personality and gets along with almost anyone. Serenity has also organized events with her fiancé Tito. Although she has been doing drag for over 5 years, she had consistently done 4-5 shows a month. Because of her experience and knowledge with make-up, it’s no wonder she has become the Make-Up Coordinator for ChibiCon.